• Courses Offered


      Montessori approach

      A Stage where your toddler is Curious about everything around him... MORE

    • primary school

      GRADE I-V

      A Stage where your Children starts to learn new concepts and ideas... MORE

    • THE MIDDLE school


      Once chidren given the taste of Knowledge,their curosity, and yearning no Bounds... MORE

    • THE SECONDARY school

      GRADE IX-X

      n this section, Education is Imparted to the students with enhanced and upgraded... MORE


    • The Dream And Vison behind SBDINS...

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      It was frutation of a Dream to bring worldclass opportunities to Bhadrak, a Dream to produce great leaders... MORE

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      An Enriching Life is just more than academic success... MORE

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      The right opportunities bring out the best in all children... MORE

    • Thumbnail 3

      Life lessons are learned outside the four walls of a classroom... MORE

    • Thumbnail 3

      Discovering hidden abilities and skills in your child... MORE

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